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Consolidation loan

A consolidation loan from Nemo could make your finances clearer, and your repayments more straightforward. If you’re making multiple repayments on credit cards and have other loan repayments, you could consider a consolidation loan.

  • Why consider a secured loan for consolidation?
    Consolidation loans are usually taken in order to put all your credit in one place. If you have several credit cards with outstanding balances, have bought things for your home on credit, have the odd store card here or there, and in addition, an unsecured loan; then making all those monthly repayments can get confusing. What’s more, it is likely that a large part of your monthly repayments is interest.
  • Advantages of consolidation loans
    One of the advantages of taking out a consolidation loan is that all your existing credit will be put in one place. You’ll also know the amount and exact date payment will go out each month, and won’t need to worry about various payments going out at different times. This means that you can plan ahead with confidence, knowing that your finances are in hand.
  • As well as making monthly payments straightforward, a secured loan for consolidation from Nemo could reduce your outgoings, stretching your repayments over a term from 3 to 25 years. You could borrow any amount between £7,500 and £500,000. Our typical rate is 7.4% APR variable.
  • Disadvantages of consolidating your existing loans and credit
    Consolidating your debt may increase the amount you pay back overall and extend the repayment period of your debts. Please be aware that the APR on your new loan with Nemo may be higher than the APR on the credit you are settling and may cost more over the course of the loan.
  • Move your existing credit into one place
    A secured loan for consolidation loan from Nemo Personal Finance will move all your existing credit into one straightforward and convenient place. So, if you want to stop over complicating life by having to make multiple payments each month, why not unravel the financial confusion and enquire  about a secured loan for consolidation from Nemo Personal Finance today?

Secured loans from Nemo are for personal purposes only. Nemo does not provide secured loans for investment or business purposes. A Nemo loan is secured on your home and is for homeowners with a mortgage only. All loans are subject to status.

Loan Calculator

Use the sliders or enter the amount you wish to borrow and the term over which you would like to repay into the boxes then click 'calculate repayments' to find out what your repayments could be.

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A Nemo loan is secured on your home and is for homeowners with a mortgage only.

Repaying borrowing over a longer term will increase overall interest charges.

If you settle your loan early an additional interest charge may arise calculated under the Consumer Credit Act.

Nemo does not provide homeowner loans for business or investment purposes.

All loans are subject to status.