Help & FAQs

    If you’re an existing customer, and have a question about your second charge mortgage from Nemo, you might find the answer below.

    How a Nemo mortgage works, including questions about interest rates

    If you have questions about how your monthly payment is calculated, your outstanding balance, or interest rates, please click the link below for more information.

    How a Nemo mortgage works

    Settlements, including obtaining a quote, and settling early

    You can settle your Nemo second charge mortgage at any time. You can find some more information in the link below.

    Settling my second mortgage

    Mortgage statements, including when to expect them, charges & how to order a new statement

    Can I order a statement?

    Yes. You can request a statement to be posted to you for any time period of your mortgage term. You can find contact details on our Contact Us page.

    When will I get a statement?

    We will send you a statement every year on the anniversary of your second charge mortgage. This will show the information about your account for the last twelve months, your current balance and a value to settle your mortgage. We recommend you get a new settlement quote from us if you wish to repay your mortgage early, to ensure that you have an up to date figure.

    If you’re in arrears, or whilst arrears related fees and/or interest remain on your account, we will send you a statement every three months. Some more information can be found on our Help with Repayments page.


    Where activity on your account has incurred a fee, this will appear on your statement as a charge. See our Tariff of fees and charges in the link below for more information on these.

    A fee can be paid by debit card. If not paid, the fee will remain on your outstanding balance and will accrue interest, unless it’s a fee relating to being behind with payments. Where payment has been received it should show on your statement as a payment transaction. For more information about fees, including the different types, follow the link below.

    Tariff of fees

    Overpayments – paying more than your monthly payment

    It is possible to pay more than your contractual monthly payment on your Nemo second charge mortgage. Sometimes we refer to these as overpayments or capital repayments. If you make an overpayment this will reduce the outstanding capital balance on your account on which interest is charged. If you have any arrears or default fees or interests, an overpayment would first be used to pay these off, and any remaining value would then be deducted from your outstanding capital balance.

    Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), including how to tell if you were sold PPI

    Please refer to the below steps to find out whether you have, or have had PPI with Nemo:

    1. If your second charge mortgage started after April 2009, you will not have PPI.
    2. If the ‘optional payment protection insurance’ box is ‘£0.00’ on your Mortgage Agreement, you were not sold PPI.
    3. If you were sold PPI, your annual statement will show details about PPI in the Account Summary section.

    Click on the link below to see information about Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)


    Changing the first charge mortgage, including remortgaging and requesting a Deed of Postponement

    If you want to change your first charge mortgage , then you will need to apply for a Deed of Postponement. More information can be found in the link below.