Security Notice


How do I know that Nemo’s website is secure if I am submitting my personal information?
There are several pages on the Nemo website which ask you for personal information. You can make sure these pages are secure by clicking on the pad lock icon which appears in the address/status bar. This locked padlock shows that Nemo uses encryption to protect the personal details that you enter. You can double click the lock to display Nemo’s Security Certificate. The ‘Issued to’ name should match

What should I do if I think I'm on a fake website?
Fraudsters may set up spoof websites which are made to look like the real thing to enable them to obtain your personal information. In order to avoid this type of scam, you should always type in website addresses carefully before entering any personal information.

How will Nemo contact me?
We will use your contact information to send you important information via letters, e-mails, text messages, or otherwise to telephone you about your account.
We may also contact you via the above methods with optional account information, such as reminders to pay ahead of any date payment is due. If you would like to change the method for receiving optional account information, or if you would like to add or remove this service, just contact Customer Services. Please see our Contact Us page for details how to contact us.

Can I communicate with Nemo via e-mail?
If you do choose to send information by e-mail you do so at your own risk.  The majority of e-mail providers have adopted appropriate security controls to protect your information but we cannot guarantee the security of your specific provider. 

We will never ask you to send financial or sensitive information via email and will only ever ask you to post or fax any documents back to us at our head office. We will only send you e-mails if you ask us to, or if the only method we have for contacting you with important information is via e-mail. For your protection, any e-mails we do send to you will contain censored or obscured information.

If you choose to send us an e-mail, we will reply to you by e-mail after 24 hours have elapsed. If you are not comfortable with the security of your provider and do not wish us to reply to you by e-mail, please contact us on 029 2020 7053 or 0800 1382935 within 24 hours. 

Due to Nemo’s commitment to the security of your personal information, if your e-mail is from an e-mail address that we do not recognise for you, one of our agents will contact you by telephone on the numbers we hold to ensure the e-mail has come from you and to update your details with us.

What should I do if I think I have received a scam or ‘phishing’ e-mail?
If you think you have received a scam e-mail, don’t click on any links or pictures and don’t open any attachments. Nemo will never send you an e-mail asking you for personal information. Such e-mails are referred to as ‘phishing’ e-mails, and are named as such because fraudsters are attempting to ‘fish’ for your personal security details.

If you receive an e-mail asking you to reply with your personal details please forward it to in order to help us combat online fraud. Nemo does not guarantee a response to every e-mail but you can be assured we will investigate every report received.