Settle my Nemo mortgage early

You can settle your Nemo second charge mortgage at any time.  You will need to request a settlement quote from us to know the amount and how to pay. 

You can request a settlement quote by contacting us.

If you are remortgaging and wish to keep your Nemo second charge mortgage you will find more information by clicking here

Before settling your second charge mortgage

Your terms and conditions of your second charge mortgage will suggest the early repayment charges or fees to be added to the outstanding balance, which will need to be paid in full in order to settle your Nemo mortgage.  This will explain why the value to settle your mortgage is higher than your outstanding balance. 

If your secured property is in Scotland, you may need to pay additional fees relating to the removal of your charge from the Registrars of Scotland, these fees will be confirmed to you with your settlement figure, and are due in accordance with Scottish Legislation. 

If you are eligible for Quarterback, this will be forfeited if you settle before the date specified on the certificate sent to you at the start of your mortgage. See our FAQ’s for more information.